In the modern day, technology advances at a nearly exponential rate, with new innovations being developed almost daily. With this rapid expansion of technological growth, finding coating solutions that match the needs of new technologies can be a daunting task. As a worldwide leader in the parylene industry, KISCO Conformal Coating has met this challenge head on, providing innovative, effective solutions for a wide variety of coating applications. With our trained coating center staff, in addition to the complete global network of KISCO partners, we develop coating options which are designed specifically to meet and address your exact needs.

As a worldwide leader in the parylene industry, KISCO Conformal Coating has met this challenge head on, providing innovative, effective solutions for a wide variety of coating applications.

As a truly international coating company, the KISCO group includes offices, coating centers, and manufacturing facilities in the US, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China.

Currently headquartered in Japan, our parent company, KISCO LTD, has a long and rich history. Beginning in 1921 as a small Japanese trading company specializing primarily in chemical products, KISCO then turned its eyes to manufacturing, a process we continue to this day. Today, KISCO is a global organization, maintaining a presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

At KISCO, we specialize in the production of Parylene and its by-products: Parylene diX N, C, D, A, AM, SR, SF and many more to come in the future. Through years of careful research and development, we are confident that our Parylene products are the purest on earth. In addition to our manufacturing operations, we also make our own CVD machines to deposit the Parylene coatings, cutting out the need for third party machines. Furthermore, with operations in many countries around the world, you can be sure that we can meet your requirements, regardless if they are scientific, engineering, manufacturing or geographical in nature.

The KISCO Advantage

  • KISCO synthesizes its own dimers
  • KISCO engineers its own coating systems
  • KISCO provides the coating services
  • Parylene C, SR & SF on the QPL
  • Parylene N & C are USP Class VI certified
  • Parylene H, A & AM for bio-medical applications
  • Total EMS solutions for extreme large scaled production in China utilizing automated masking & de-masking systems.
  • Clean room coating capabilities in various locations

Since 1920, KISCO has been at the forefront of materials science and polymer materials. We have our own scientists, research facilities, manufacturing facilities and cooperative programs with major science universities around the world. Through this commitment to innovation, we are confident that we will continue to provide groundbreaking advancements in the field of Parylene coating, as well as coating solutions to industries across the globe.

Among the accolades which KISCO has achieved are:

  • KISCO leads in the manufacture of Parylene Dimers
  • KISCO leads in International Coating Centers
  • KISCO leads in Parylene research and development
  • KISCO leads in the timely turnaround of products