UV Resistance

After accelerated UV testing for more than 2000 hours, KISCO’s high grade coating, diX-SF, remains unchanged. Not only does it protect substrates which are exposed to UV light, but it also has an extremely high operating temperature for an organic polymer. Your company can use our high grade coating for outdoor lighting and displays without worry of cracking and yellowing which is common with other coatings.

Our research facilities have studied diX-SF and found that coated materials retain transparency after 2,000 hours of sunshine weather testing, compliant with JIS A 1415 and JIS D0205.

UV Stability

An FTIR structural analysis also indicates that there’s little to no change of the polymeric structure of the coating.


With such a wide variety of parylenes, KISCO has extensive and detailed information on a variety of different applications. If you require more technical information, need to speak with an engineer, need a quote, or would like to arrange an engineering run, please contact us today.

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