Moisture & Gas Barrier | Corrosion Resistance

Due to its unique structure and deposition process, parylene is an excellent barrier against moisture and gas.

KISCO’s diX coating is widely used to protect substrates from moisture, humidity, various types of solvents, oxidization, and the development of rust.

Below, we’ve coated half of a metal sample slide with diX parylene. After a 24 hour salt spray test, the coated side remains unchanged, but the uncoated side is extremely corroded. Parylene provides an excellent barrier from moisture and corrosion, which is extremely beneficial for products exposed regularly to ‘harsh’ environments.

Salt Water Spray Test


LED Submersion TestDue to an extremely low moisture permeability rate, KISCO coatings prevent the ingress of water. For example, even after this bare LED board has been totally submerged, it still works!

Permeability Absorption Percentage (PDF)