General Properties

General Properties of diX Parylene

KISCO Conformal Coating distinguishes itself by providing top-of-the-line coating solutions for our customers. Often times, product design can create obstacles that are difficult to overcome; KISCO manufactures unique parylene coatings designed to excel in challenging applications.

diX SF Properties:

- UV Resistant.
- High thermal stability up to 300ºC in air and 450ºC in intermittent exposure or oxygen free environments.
- Excellent for outdoor lighting or solar applications.
- Designed for high performance in extreme operating environments.
- Shows no signs of the degradation or discoloration after 2,000 hours of accelerated UV radiation testing.

diX A & AM Properties:

- Are bioactive parylenes designed for Medical and Biomedical applications.
- Can be created with many different active functional groups.
- Can be chemically customized for specific functions.
- Can someday make it possible to modify the surfaces of almost any material.
- Deposited films can be patterned and their surfaces can be modified using plasma treatment and silane coupling agents.
- Will be developed eventually into surface-engineering replacement materials for bio-structures, such as bone, blood vessels and tissue that will not be rejected by the body.
- Will lead to electronic implants that can study internal cell processes and broadcast the data in real time.