Over the course of the last few years, there has been a surge of growth and proliferation of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) and other Solid State Lighting in practically every sector of the business community. Everywhere you turn, you will see examples of where LED’s are replacing the common filament bulb. Products that were once exclusively made with filament bulbs, such as flashlights, auto headlamps, outdoor billboards and advertisements, street lights, and traffic signage, have quickly abandoned traditional bulbs in favor of LED’s.

LED’s Have Become Popular in the following sectors:

  • Advertising (billboards, scoreboards, displays)
  • Military Defense applications
  • Aviation, Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical

In addition to LED’s, other Solid State Lighting devices, OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) and PLED’s (Polymer Light Emitting Diodes), have worked their way into television screens, computer monitors, mobile phones, PDAs, watches, and advertising signage as well. However, the emergence of LED’s and other Solid State Lighting as an innovative, reliable and energy-saving alternative has not been without its own set of challenges. KISCO Conformal Coating has risen to these challenges and provided a solution.

dix-SF provides the ultimate in UV protection. This particular dimer is the parylene specifically formulated to resist the discoloration and cracking resulting from direct UV exposure. Offering maximum protection from the elements (heat, moisture and UV), diX-SF is the perfect choice for outdoor LED panels and displays. Unlike other conformal coatings, diX-SF offers a total solution.

Kisco Conformal Coating’s diX-SF parylene coating is an extreme heat-stable variant which functions effectively at temperatures of over 300°C continuous (and up to 450°C for intermittent periods).

All of Kisco Conformal Coating parylene coatings are characterized as excellent moisture barrier. They ensure against failures due not only to moisture, but also for a protective barrier protecting your displays against damage caused by virtually all other fluids and chemicals.

As diX parylene is deposited as a vapor, it can effectively penetrate the smallest and deepest of crevices. It doesn’t form a pool or a meniscus and follows precisely the contours of any substrate.

Kisco Conformal Coating offers parylene products which all possess very low dielectric constant, meaning a high dielectric withstand, and dissipation factor.

LED’s are typically more complex than a standard bulb. They consist of a semiconductor diode that emits light when a current is applied – the color of which is affected by the condition and composition of the semiconducting material used in the diode itself.

LED’s are assembled in circuits, panels and/ surface mount devices (SMD), depending upon the application. This presents a variety of complications, as most are susceptible to the elements, particularly heat, ultraviolet rays and moisture. Other types of coatings have been used to offer a measure of protection, but they typically add weight, don’t penetrate all crevices, are not pinhole free, or they distort light emanating from the LED’s.

At KISCO Conformal Coatings, we have the solution. With our large arsenal of parylene dimers, KISCO has already distinguished itself as the premier coating partner to some of the largest LED display manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, our parylenes are the purest (99.9%) in the industry, and our inventory of variants means we can likely match your exact need for your products and displays.

KISCO Parylene is proud to announce diX-SF, a parylene dimer that is ideally suited to the needs of customers seeking to coat LED panels or displays destined for use outdoors (exposed to the harmful effects of heat, moisture and UV light). KISCO Conformal Coating has 11 parylenes to serve you (not the typical 2-3 as elsewhere in the coating industry), but our diX-SF is an ideal solution for the most difficult challenges faced by LED’s