The use of parylene as the coating of choice for electronics products and components is growing at a rapid rate. This rapid growth favors a company who stands at the forefront as not only the world’s largest manufacturer, but also the provider of the most extensive array of parylene choices. These parylene types are specifically designed to more precisely meet the challenging needs of our customers and their increasingly complex electronics.

The use of parylene in electronics actually covers a wide array of products ranging from cell phone electronics to semiconductor probes to advanced electronics systems found in fighter jets.

KISCO Conformal Coating is recognized as a premier provider of coating solutions to leaders in the fields of:

  • Semiconductor Products
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • KISCO’s Suggestion: diX-C & diX-NR
  • MEMS
  • Nanotech
  • Sensors of all types
  • Motors
  • Automotive
    • KISCO’s Suggestion: diX-SR
  • Aviation/Aerospace electronics
  • Medical device circuitry
    • KISCO’s Suggestion: diX-C, diX-N, diX-NR
  • Nano-biotechnology

KISCO Conformal Coating applies parylene to your innovative products in a Chemical Vapor Deposition process where we can coat virtually any surface and extend the life of your product. Parylene offers protection against moisture, heat, UV rays, chemicals and solvents. Additionally, it can be applied in ultra thin layers (from angstroms to mils) and provides a protective barrier without adding significant weight. Parylene does not require a curing process so your products are coated at room temperature throughout. Furthermore, there are no cure stresses, catalysts or chemicals involved.

The KISCO Advantage

  1. A technology-driven company – offers a continuous stream of innovations
  2. Largest global manufacturer of parylene dimer (11 types, more in process)
  3. A true Global Network of coating facilities.
  4. Raw material products and equipment not available anywhere else.
  1. Specialty parylenes designed to fit specific applications (i.e., heat and UV resistant)
  2. The manufacturer of our own proprietary brand of equipment
  3. Complete vertical integration
  4. Research affiliations with experts and institutions worldwide

As a worldwide leader in the parylene industry, KISCO Conformal Coating has met the challenge in providing innovative solutions to a variety of coating applications. In addressing your specific needs, we offer the expertise of not only our trained coating center staff, but that of the complete global network of KISCO partners: Daisan Kasei (our parylene synthesizer), Fine Polymers (manufacturer of highly reliable epoxy encapsulations, EpiFine), Daido Kaisei Kogyo (UV cure adhesives used in electronic components), Otalite (molding resins), Adcomat Japan (mass-production molding), Seiki (top manufacturer of hot runner less molding tools).

KISCO’s diX Parylene

  • Thin, pinhole-free film
  • Unequaled barrier protection (chemicals, solvents, moisture)
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Electrical insulation properties

We offer a solution that provides benefits exceeding those of epoxies, latex and other available products.

For all our current and prospective parylene coating customers, please note that KISCO Conformal Coating offers you far more choices than the standard C and N dimers. We manufacture a huge selection of specialty coating choices (all proprietary) which are a closer match for your advanced products and technologies.

Parylene SR & HR

Certain electronic products require coating solutions that are not only affordable, but also operate in more extreme conditions than traditional conformal coatings can handle. KISCO provides a proprietary coating solution which is unique in the industry and balances cost and performance to keep up with more and more demanding product designs – our diX SR and diX HR parylene films. These coatings offer excellent barrier protection and dielectric strength, as well as a higher thermal stability than traditional parylene C or N coatings; perfect for electronics that undergo lead-free solder reflow as well as automotive and defense applications which operate in high temperature environments.

Parylene SF

KISCO is particularly proud to announce our diX-SF parylene variant. It is ideal for use in the most challenging of harsh environments. where it offers excellent barrier protection, thermal stability (over 300°C), excellent UV resistance, and excellent crevice penetration, among others. As modern products become increasingly advanced, the need has emerged for the development of advanced coating solutions specifically designed to protect your parts and components which must operate reliably under extreme conditions.

Our specialty dimer, diX-SF, is an ideal coating choice for your products including those in these areas:

  • LED displays and panels – especially when exposed outdoors (moisture, UV)
  • Electronics, motors, etc. – especially when exposed to harsh environment and high heat
  • Fuel cells and sensors – exposed to extreme heat as well as harsh chemical agents.

Please contact us for a complete listing of technical information (parylene properties, publications, research material, etc).