Extreme environments require an extreme solution, and nowhere is this more evident than in the complete emptiness of space ,or in the thin, freezing air at 60,000 feet. In these harsh conditions, parylene from KISCO Conformal Coating shines as the ideal coating of choice. Parylene coating from KCC offers excellent crevice penetration, ideal barrier and insulating properties, high thermal and UV stability, low out gassing, in addition to other properties that make parylene the ideal solution for your needs.

KISCO Conformal Coatings can assist in protecting sensitive components and devices in:

  • Navigation, avionics/flight control systems
  • Circuit boards
  • Cockpit instrumentation
  • Communications equipment
  • Displays and imaging equipment

Whether your valuable components are exposed to moisture, chemicals/solvents, sub-zero temperatures, or to UV-rays in the extreme conditions of space, KISCO Conformal Coatings has the product to closely match your needs. Furthermore, as we have a complete array of parylene coating dimers available, we can match up your needs with the coating solution fit for the job, a claim which no other parylene service provider can make. In addition to our versatility, KISCO conformal Coating has distinguished itself by providing excellent service in the aerospace field.