Conformal Coating Mistakes: How To Remove Bubbles

26 Sep Conformal Coating Mistakes: How To Remove Bubbles

When applying a PCB coating you may come across a multitude of problems and mistakes. The best way to prevent these mistakes is to be very diligent with your process. Pay close attention to every aspect of the coating process and don’t skip any preparation steps. Mistakes happen; even the best of professionals has off days. One of the biggest complaints is bubbles on the finished product. There are various ways to remove these bubbles.

How to Remove Bubbles:

1. When applying the coating with a spray technique ensure that the wet film surface is thin. Thick layers can cause problems. It is better to have multiple thin layers than one thick layer. Check your temperatures when applying the coating. In certain cases elevated temperatures can sure bubbling.

2. Allow a flash off time between applying multiple thin coats.

3. When using PCB components try dipping slower into the conformal coating tank to avoid bubbles.

4. Always add a dwell time to allow penetration of the coating.

5. When you are not using the pressure pots, make sure they are not under pressure for long periods of time. Reducing the pressure to 50% when not in use can minimize the champagne effect in the coating.

6. When using the brush coating you will want to blend the material, not work the material into the PCB.

Should you still have problems with bubbles in your coating process, contact us. Our professionals are here to help answer any questions and make suggestions.