Company Overview

KISCO Conformal Coating (KCC) is a subsidiary of KISCO LTD of Japan – a world leader in advanced materials manufacturing, parylene conformal coating, and chemical production.

KISCO has distinguished itself through pioneering a variety of new parylene materials, addressing the needs of a wide range of industries where innovative coating solutions are required.

Our diX parylene dimers are currently used by hundreds of companies globally, as well as research and development institutions and professional affiliates.

Our dimers are the purest in the world, – 99%+ pure (free of impurities and contaminants), resulting in top-quality parylene films. The purity of KISCO’s dimer creates a more efficient and precise coating process, which has a faster deposition time, in addition to a clearer, more consistent film thickness.

In addition, while our competitors may offer 2 or 3 types of parylene materials, KISCO offers more than 11 different types, with additional varieties under development.

For clients requiring advanced coating solutions, KISCO delivers:

  • Heat Stable parylene coating solutions (up to 450°C)
  • Automotive de facto standard parylene SR (i.e. pressure sensors exposed to high heat)
  • UV resistant parylene for all outdoor application
  • USP Class VI, medical grade parylene suitable for implants
  • Bioactive parylene to enhance DNA, enzymes, and protein research (i.e. as a substrate for DNA chips).
  • Luminescent/UV traceable parylene C, which glows under black light exposure used to confirm coating application.
  • Ultra pure parylene suitable for use in OLED and certain LED applications.

A global innovator in the field of parylene coating materials, KISCO Conformal Coating LLC is an ideal partner for clients in industries that must integrate the newest technologies and services in order to remain competitive. Our two facilities in the US, as well as our global group, specialize in parylene coating services, with clean-room coating facilities available.

For clients with global manufacturing operations and/or those interested in customizing their parylene coating process anywhere in the world, KISCO Conformal Coating’s worldwide services can accept components for coating at any of our locations, worldwide.

For those in need of extreme, large-scaled mass production capabilities, such as for consumer electronics, services are also available in our facilities in Shenzhen & Shanghai China.

In all of our facilities, clean class 100, 1K, or 5-10K capabilities are available (*class 100 is also available in China).