LED coating

Static and Dynamic Conformal Coating

The Kisco Advantage is a clear and pronounced mission of ours here at Kisco Conformal Coating; one that is upheld in daily-practice within our manufacturing and coating services. Part of that ultimate goal within KCC is to continue and offer the largest selection of parylene dimer at the highest purity, with even more dimers to come. This can only be matched by a selection of unique and innovative coating services that provide our customer with the finest in coating uniformity.

FinePolymers utilizes Green Chemistry in the Semiconductor Industry with EcoPeeler

Kisco Conformal Coating works hand-in-hand with sister subsidiaries of Kisco LTD such as Uniglobe Kisco, Inc. and FinePolymers, LLC. Each of our teams strives towards the same goal of achieving high-performance, high-quality green technology aiding the growth of industries such as medical, electrical, automotive, and semiconductor. FinePolymers is an excellent example of how green technology and chemistry can be utilized in a successful and innovative manner, influencing a wide-range of markets – specifically, the semiconductor industry.

Kisco Conformal Coating & Uniglobe Kisco

Uniglobe Kisco, Inc supplies a full range of products and services related to such industries as electronics, chemicals, and household and industrial plastics. Kisco Conformal Coating proudly supports our sister company in their mission to provide the best proposals, full dedication to their customers' success, and advanced materials with the utmost quality and professionalism. 

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