Benefits of Parylene

16 Dec Benefits of Parylene

Parylene can be a difficult thing to understand. Parylene is the ultimate conformal coating for the protection of devices, components and surfaces in the electronics, instrumentation, aerospace, medical and engineering industries.

If you are involved in one of these industries you may know that you need to use Parylene but you may not understand exactly why and what it does for you.

So here is a basic list of reasons why you should use Parylene and the benefits it will bring to you.

• Parylene coatings are truly conformal and have a controllable thickness.

• Parylene is completely pinhole-free.

• The Parylene coating will entirely penetrate spaces as narrow 0.01mm.

• Parylene coatings are pure and free from trace ionic impurities.

• Parylene is placed at room temperature, which gives you a stress-free coating.

• Parylene will adhere to any material such as metal, glass, paper, resin, plastic, ceramic, ferrite and silicon and even stainless steel.

• Parylene is chemically and biologically inert.

• Parylene is not permeable.

• Solvents do not affect Parylene.

• Parylene coatings will easily pass a 100hr salt-spray test.

• Parylene has a low dielectric constant and loss with good high-frequency properties.

• Parylene has good dielectric strength and high bulk and surface resistivity.

• Parylene forms a barrier to ionic and moisture species.

• Parylene is chemical and fungal resistant

• Parylene is thermal stability between -200ºC and 150ºC

• Parylene creates a barrier resistant to oxygen, moisture, chemicals, solvents, and carbon dioxide

• Parylene meets NBC requirements.

• Parylene has minimal impact on package cooling.

•Parylene is FDA approved.

There are so many great things about Parylene coatings. Parylene is used by many different industries for a variety of things because it is so effective.

If you think you may have a need for Parylene coatings then contact Kisco today to learn more and discuss what Parylene can do for you!